Our Mission

Develop an impactful platform for change makers to build a better world.
Our mission is to build the best possible platform to help organizations and groups build a more equal and sustainable world. We strive to assist leaders and change-makers in reaching their objectives through constant incorporation of feedback from “the field.”

Our goal is for anyone and everyone to be able to enact change at a level where they are comfortable. We will provide the tools necessary for a digital age of advocacy. We will always remain true to our core values and we will be guided by them in every action and all future growth.

Our Vision

Be the go-to app for change makers, leaders, and activists while remaining affordable and enabling lasting and positive changes to the world

We will be the new go-to app for activists who want to reach challenging objectives and drive high impact. We will support positive activism and be available to groups and organizations looking to do social good locally, nationally, and globally.The platform will remain affordable, especially to those in developing nations, and a free version of our app will always be available. Through adherence to our values, we will achieve success, defined as making lasting and positive changes to the world

Our Values


We promise to always remain a platform driven by the tools YOU need instead of focusing solely on a bottom line or stakeholder approval.


We will always be transparent with everything we do. We commit to communicating openly and honestly on our environmental and social impact, the location of our servers, and our cost structure. If there's anything you're ever curious about, we won't hold out.


We will follow a strict "practice what we preach" approach. All our actions will reflect our core values, objectives, and brand claims


Maintaining sustainable operations is at the heart of WeAct concerns. We will always strive to reduce our environmental impact to the lowest possible alternative. Our servers are eco-friendly and are based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Diverse and inclusive

At WeAct we strictly honor the fundamental value and dignity of all individuals. We believe in an environment that respects diverse traditions, heritages, and experiences.


We will make sure that our platform remains affordable to all and we will assist groups who cannot afford it. A free version of WeAct will always be available

Giving back

We believe that a relationship works only if it goes both ways. To make sure that our activist heroes get back as much as we get from them, we will create a fund that invests directly in activist groups by providing capital, tools, training, and networking support

Private and secure

Data security and privacy are fundamental at WeAct. We will respect the highest standards possible to protect your data. Our future will be based on blockchain technologies to increase security


Raymond Laracuenta
CEO and Founder
Benjamin Everard
Founder & Lead Developer
Leigh McMullen
Lead Advisor
Johann Hartmann
Business Planning & Operations
John MacDorman
Strategic Planning
Remco Sprenkles
Lead Blockchain Developer
Sidarth Yadav
Flutter Developer
Victor Von Sydow
Full Stack Developer
Tokenomics Lead
Marketing & Branding Lead